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10 ways to stay active with your children on a budget!!

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10 ways to stay active with your children on a budget!!

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Summertime is here and school is out. Now what are you going to do? It’s hard to keep children active and keep your coins… Ok we are going to try to work that out today. We all got bills, goals, vacations, shoes (YOU NAME IT, RIGHT?) It can be hard at times to balance our goals with our responsibilities. I don’t want to adult anymore…… We’ll touch on some tips and activities that can help keep children active and stay on budget during the summer.

1. Go Bowling!
Now I’m not the best bowler but I can talk trash with the best of em. Did you know there is a program that allows children to bowl for free throughout the summer? Of course it is on certain days as not to interfere with leagues or tournaments specifically during non-peak hours. Bowling is a great activity to build skills and explore your child’s abilities. Search kids bowl freeto find participating bowling alleys in your area. Might find their niche.

2. Take a trip to the Museum!
I can’t remember the last time I visited a museum or aquarium in my own city. I mostly only visit them when traveling and exploring other cities. Check in your city, many museums and aquariums have free days that allow individuals to visit exhibits for free. I know….. I know…..that’s only on certain days…. Give me a minute… You have options. Visit your local library a.k.a. GOLDMINEto reserve passes for local attractions. You might find they have passes to other attractions in your city such as the Zoo or Planetarium. Just pay a visit or hell give them a call and find out before you go in.
Another tidbit of info is if you are a BOA or Merrill Lynch debit card holder you can utilize their program museum on us. Niiicceee right?
3. Take them to the Movies!
The movies can be an inexpensive outing. I’m not talking about the $12 theaters either. Memorize the matinee times and theater locations in your area and use them to your advantage. Check out Fandago and put in your zip code. There might be a theater closer than you think.
4. Learn a Language Together!
There are many great ways to learn languages for free. I’m going to say it again visit your local library (GOLDMINE) and find plenty of books to borrow to help learn other languages. Speak to an employee and find out all the resources available to assist you in your language journey. You probably should find out all the general benefits available from the library… I’m just saying. There is a wealth of free resources available from your local library with the only requirement is to have a library card… Take full advantage and keep them coins!
There are many apps you can download on your phone that will help you learn the language and you can simply share with your child an incorporate it in your daily routine. Busuu,Pimslear, orDuolingoare just some of the websites you can use.When the weather is nice plan a picnic or other outing and take time naming all the items and objects to help get familiar with the language. Use website tools to learn pronunciations and download google translate which has a feature that will speak out translations. This feature works offline also as a FYI, simply download the language this worked great in Cuba… this is a great tool while traveling. Wait, now I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s another blog post. Stay tuned!
5. Go Shopping!
I know first you are thinking that taking a child to the store is a disaster but wait … hear me out! So one of my fav stores is the dollar store. For an added activity take your children to the Dollar General or Family Dollar, $5 and below or any other options you might have in your area. Give them a budget and let them pick out items and calculate the total while remaining in budget. This is not only a great but it will force them to use their head and be a life lesson simultaneously. In case you haven’t noticed the theme here I have repeatedly said take advantage of and utilize. A lot of these options are available to you.
It is impossible to not spend any money but at least you can spend it wisely. Make your money work for you and stretch it. Make it Last! I always say that I have to work, hell my money should be working too! Get the most out of every dollar you spend and you will gain a new perspective about money. It’s not about what you make but about what you keep. We all know the goal is to keep those coins!!! What are some of the outing you indulge in during the summer on a budget?
6. VolunteerThink about your child’s interest. Have you ever thought about volunteer work? Another option would be to volunteer at your nearest hospital, or animal adoption organization. As they get older they might build an interest or develop experience in the field. My daughter started out volunteering at a museum for her high school community service hours and ended up with a new job once she completed her hours.
7. Take a Trip
Take a road trip to a neighboring city for a day or two.Visit a landmark or national park near your home. You could also spend the day being a tourist in your own town. If you google things to do in your city I am sure you will find something things that you have never done or experienced. Groupon and Living Social is a great place to start.

8. Enjoy your neighborhood
Go to the beach or the park. Take a detour to Dollar store (I know ….my favorite) and pick up some nice toys that will make it more fun. Pack some sandwiches and snacks to keep costs down and hold you all over until you reach home.
9. Make it a Movie Night!!!
Pick a day during the week and designate it as movie night every week. This can be some great bonding time just for the family that doesn’t cost much. If you have Netflix or Hulu even better you can play a game to decide what to watch or take turns on picking movies.
10. Make Arts and Crafts!!!
Make arts and craft projects with your children. Depending on the age start do it yourself projects. Don’t know what to make… Google will solve all of that. Check out Kids Arts and Craft. Have fun with it and try something different every week. This can be exciting and you will start to look forward to it just as much as the child. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody…
Do you have any ideas to share? Send me a message.

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