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Car Rental Gone Bad!!!

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Car Rental Gone Bad!!!

Posted By perspectives17

While out of town for training I decided to enjoy my own personal travel on the weekend and rented a car. The first car we chose was dirty so we selected another. Finally while loading the second car a representative told us about a car that had just become available and was technically considered an upgrade. We looked at each other and chose the third upgraded option. By this time being the third car we didn’t check anything, just jumped in. First Mistake! We drove around Cali all weekend before returning the car and reporting to work on Monday.

While still at training I received a call from the rental car center in Los Angeles that I had rented the car from. They didn’t leave a message and when I called back no one knew what the issue was as to why I had received a call. I thought maybe I had left something in the car. I checked with my coworker to see if maybe she had left something in the car. I figured it wasn’t anything that important because I hadn’t thought about it yet so I shrugged it off.
Well to my surprise I returned home to a bill in the mail from the car rental company saying that I had damaged their car and requesting my insurance information to cover the costs. The bill was for $428 which after I called and found out that when the balance is under $500 there is no dispute process, the representative makes the final decisions. how convenient… huh? So after speaking with a rep I discovered there was a dent on the car and they were making me responsible for it.

I DID NOT opt to get the insurance as my credit card includes insurance for rentals.
I DID NOT take pictures of the car when I dropped it off.
I DID NOT take pictures when I picked the car up or do an inspection
I had the personal knowledge that I had not had any accidents or any other incidents that would have damaged the car but how will I prove it. When I returned the rental car I merely waited for the official head not from the car rental representative and went about my travel. BAD DECISION! Now I had to decide what to do next, they were coming for my coins and I had to stop it. I spoke with several representatives to offered no solution or additional information for me. Again, there was no dispute process as the balance was under the $500 threshold. The letter had images but they had no date stamps, when were they taken????? QTNA
I went online and put my fingers to work. After conducting my own investigation I wrote a letter to them and I faxed it and mailed it to the information on the letter. I have included a copy below
Claim # XXXXXX
I, __________ , rented a card from the ________ location on __________. I returned the car to the_______________ on ______________. I received a letter stating that I had damaged the vehicle from the damage recovery unit. I called customer service to inquire what the dispute process was. She not only did not explain to me what the dispute process was, I was informed there was none due to the balance being under $500. This was a one way rental, hence; I returned the rental to a different place than the location I picked it up at.
I am requesting time-stamped photos that were taken immediately before I drove the vehicle off the lot. I am requesting time-stamped photos that were taken immediately after I returned the vehicle.I am requesting a record of all rentals for that car between the time I returned it and the date of the damage claim letter which is ______.
I received pictures in the mail and they did not have any time stamps on them to show that they were taken before and/or after the time of my rental. This picture only proves that you documented the damage. This does not place the burden on me.
I have rented several cars with ______ and never had any issues. I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter as I would like to resolve this as soon as possible.
Make sure you request:
time-stamped photos that were taken immediately before I drove the vehicle off the lot. time-stamped photos that were taken immediately after I returned the vehicle.a record of all rentals between the time I returned it and the date of the damage claim letter

First I received another letter in the mail with the same undated pictures. I stuck to my guns and I refaxed the same letter and restated that the pictures has no date or time stamp on them. I later received a letter in the mail saying that they had dismissed the claim. I no longer owed anything and the claim was dismissed. So lesson for the day is always take a picture or video when you pick up and drop off your rental car. Also don’t just let anybody come for your coins…..
Just adding my two cents…. to the bank!!!!!

Written by perspectives17

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